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     Alternative Flooring is carpet supplier who's products stand out from the crowd. Alternative Flooring's carpets are made using only the finest sisal, jute, coir and wool fibres available.


   One of the things that makes an Alternative Flooring carpet special, is it's design. Alternative Flooring continually update their collections to ensure that the designs and colours of their ranges are in line with current interior design trends. On many occasions, Alternative Flooring's innovative carpet ranges have set new trends and standards in the carpet and flooring business.


   Alternative Flooring products often set the benchmark when it comes to colour palettes that are used in today's home. Many interior designers throught the UK religiously use Alternative Flooring carpets in their projects and recommend them to their clients. You are sure to find a perfect match to your colour scheme in an Alternative Flooring carpet, so why not visit our showroom today to see what we can offer.


   Ashburn Carpets is an agreed supplier and installer of Alternative Flooring carpets. Contact us today for a complimentary supply and fit quotation.


   Below is a list of all Alternative Flooring products that we can supply and professionally install.



  • Coir Boucle Natural
  • Coir Boucle Bleached
  • Coir Superior Natural Sisal Weft
  • Coir Superior Black Sisal Weft
  • Coir Panama Natural
  • Coir Panama Bleached
  • Coir Herringbone Natural
  • Coir Herringbone Bleached
  • Jute Big Herringbone Bagel
  • Jute Big Boucle Crumpet
  • Jute Big Boucle Toast
  • Jute Big Boucle Muffin
  • Jute Big Boucle Pancake
  • Jute Big Boucle Waffle
  • Jute Big Boucle Brioche
  • Jute Boucle Natural
  • Seagrass Natural
  • Seagrass Superior
  • Seagrass Buckingham
  • Seagrass Balmoral Basketweave
  • Seagrass Herringbone
  • Seagrass Fine Herringbone
  • Sisal Basketweave Winter Hamper
  • Sisal Basketweave Summer Hamper
  • Sisal Boucle Buckler’s Hard
  • Sisal Boucle Avington
  • Sisal Boucle Bentley
  • Sisal Boucle Brockton
  • Sisal Boucle Bayford
  • Sisal Boucle Burnage
  • Sisal Boucle Bitterne
  • Sisal Boucle Burleigh
  • Sisal Boucle Byfield
  • Sisal Boucle Blenheim
  • Sisal Boucle Bransbury
  • Sisal Boucle Basing
  • Sisal Boucle Braemere
  • Sisal Boucle Buriton
  • Sisal Boucle Bramshott
  • Sisal Boucle Burghclere
  • Sisal Boucle Baybridge
  • Sisal Super Boucle Brancaster
  • Sisal Super Boucle Bodmin
  • Sisal Super Boucle Boscombe
  • Sisal Super Boucle Bramley
  • Sisal Super Boucle Bickton
  • Sisal Super Boucle Boldre
  • Sisal Super Boucle Brook
  • Sisal Herringbone Holbury
  • Sisal Herringbone Hambledon
  • Sisal Herringbone Havant
  • Sisal Herringbone Hythe
  • Sisal Herringbone Hordle
  • Sisal Herringbone Hampton
  • Sisal Herringbone Herne
  • Sisal Herringbone Hockley
  • Sisal Herringbone Harestock
  • Sisal Malay Tiger’s Eye
  • Sisal Malay Shanghai
  • Sisal Malay Dragon Grass
  • Sisal Malay Shaolin
  • Sisal Malay Tongli
  • Sisal Malay Liang
  • Sisal Malay Chen
  • Sisal Malay Jin
  • Sisal Malay Changan
  • Sisal Malay Beijing
  • Sisal Metallics Bronze
  • Sisal Metallics Rhodium
  • Sisal Metallics Nickel
  • Sisal Metallics Titanium
  • Sisal Metallics Palladium
  • Sisal Metallics Chromium
  • Sisal Panama Donegal
  • Sisal Panama Penwood
  • Sisal Panama Pershore
  • Sisal Panama Pelham
  • Sisal Panama Panfield
  • Sisal Panama Pilsbury
  • Sisal Super Panama Merida
  • Sisal Super Panama Acapulco
  • Sisal Super Panama Cristobal
  • Sisal Super Panama Tijuana
  • Sisal Hopscotch Marble
  • Sisal Hopscotch Chalk
  • Sisal Hopscotch Matrix
  • Sisal Hopscotch Twine
  • Sisal Bubbleweave Silver Bubble
  • Sisal Bubbleweave Pewter Bubble
  • Sisal Bubbleweave Gold Bubble
  • Sisal Bubbleweave Honey Bubble
  • Sisal Bubbleweave Desert Bubble
  • Sisal Tweed Tealing
  • Sisal Tweed Tarvie
  • Sisal Tweed Tomatin
  • Sisal Tweed Tinwald
  • Barefoot Hatha
  • Barefoot Bikram
  • Barefoot Ashtanga
  • Barefoot Ashtanga Silk
  • Wool Knot
  • Wool Pebble
  • Wool Crafty Hound
  • Wool Crafty Diamond
  • Wool Crafty Cross
  • Wool Boucle
  • Wool Croft
  • Wool Tipple
  • Wool Speckle
  • Wool Herringbone
  • Wool Iconic Stripe
  • Wool Iconic Boucle
  • Wool Iconic Herringbone
  • Wool Iconic Chevron
  • Wool Romance
  • Fine Lines Wool Blocstripe
  • Fine Lines Wool Pinstripe
  • Fine Lines Wool Cord
  • Rock ‘n’ Roll
  • Quirky B Spotty
  • Quirky B Honeycomb
  • Quirky B Zebo
  • Quirky B Geo
  • Quirky B Zip
  • Quirky B Margo Selby Shuttle
  • Quirky B Margo Selby Fair Isle
  • Quirky B Ashley Hicks Chainmail
  • Quirky B Ashley Hicks Daisy
  • Quirky B Ben Pentreath Cube
  • Quirky B Ben Pentreath Tetra
  • Quirky B Ben Pentreath Lattice
  • Quirky Tess Runner
  • Quirky Dotty Runner
  • Quirky Fling Runner
  • Quirky Skinny Runner
  • Sisal Super Boucle Runner
  • Sisal Herringbone Runner
  • Wool Iconic Stripe Runner
  • Wool Blocstripe Runner
  • Wool Pinstripe Runner
  • Rock ‘n’ Roll Runner
  • Wool Cord Runner


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