Flock Carpets

  Flock Carpets is part a of a new but enthusiastic company callet Flock Living.

They offer a totally new approach to the ageing world of carpets. The have come up with a bold collection of carpets that bring something new into the market. They do not follow the normal lines of the mainstream carpet manufacturers.

  Their carpets are constructed to perform exceptionally througout the hous and come in a few bold and modern designs.

  All their products are made of Laneve New Zealand wool.

  Ashburn Carpets is a preferred supplier and installer of Flock Carpets. Please find below the full range of Flock Carpets we carry.


  • Arcott
  • Ariano
  • Arles
  • Braunes
  • Brecknock
  • Charollais
  • Faeroes
  • Ossimi
  • Oxford
  • Perendale
  • Portland
  • Uda