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   Carpet needs a a few helping hands to look its best and stand the test of time. Among others it needs, underlay, grippers and profiles. Below are a few of the profiles, grippers and accessories for carpet.

Carpet Gripper


   Carpet grippers are thin strips of wood with protruding rows of nails. The purpose of the carpet gripper is to hold the carpet stretched and prevent it from shifting.

   It is used around the edge of the room, just in front of the skirting boards, to hold the carpet firmly in its place. On steps it is used where the riser meets the tread to keep the carpet stretched on the contour of the step.

   There are three types of carpet grippers for different installations: short pin for very thin carpets, medium pin for normal carpets and long pin grippers for fitting extra heavy carpets like wiltons or when using extra thick underlay.

   When installed in areas of high traffic such as hotels and commercial environments, carpet fitters use " golden grippers " that have an extra row of protruding nails for more grip.

   Carpets grippers come in 1.5m long strips, packaged in cardboard boxes.


Single bars


   Single bars are aluminium made profiles that are designed for connecting carpet to a lower level surface like vinyl or to protect the end of a carpet from fraying when the carpeted surface does not meet a wall e.g. landing ending in a bannister.

   The most popular 2 colours are natural aluminium colour or anodised brass colour. They come in more colours or designs like chrome, stainless steel or solid brass.

Double bars


   Double bars are usually made of aluminium and the are designed for connecting carpet to carpet. They are usually used in doorways.

   As with single bars, they come in the two main colours aluminium and anodised brass but also in the more sophisticated chrome, stainless steel and solid brass.

Zig Zag


   The zig-zag bars are aluminium profiles intended for connecting carpet to wood flooring, ceramic tiles or any surface that the carpet meets and is higher than it.

   They come in natural aluminium colour, anodised brass, chrome, stainless steel or solid brass.

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