Cavalier Carpets

    Cavalier Carpets have been producing carpet for the home since 1972 and today they are one of only a handful of companies that manufacture carpets in Wilton, Axminster and Tufted constructions.

   Their products have been used around the world in palaces, embassies, hotels, restaurants, ocean liners, banks, department stores and casinos, as well as millions of homeowners throughout Great Britain.

    In 1986 the company expanded from the domestic market to include the contract market. This move proved immensely successful as Cavalier Carpets established both at home and abroad. Today we span both the retail and contract markets and our business has a firm domestic and export base. 


   We can supply and fit all the Cavalier range including the domestic and commercial carpets. These are a few of the Cavalier carpets we can supply and install:


  • Architect Twist
  • Cartouche
  • Confetti
  • Country Collection
  • Criterion
  • Fineweave
  • Guildhall
  • Liberty
  • Lupo
  • Rustic Choice
  • Urban Choice
  • Rustic Tweed
  • Rustic Life
  • Shepherds Collection
  • Staunless Elegance
  • Stainless Heather
  • Stainless Luxury
  • Stainless Super Twist
  • Stainless Tweed
  • Stainless Beauty
  • Tumbletex
  • Woolsack
  • Woodland Heathers
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