Louis de Poortere


   The Louis De Poortere philosophy is based on a simple concept : they aim to be more than just a manufacturer of carpets.

   In branching into home decorating, they increased their creativity to meet the consumers aesthetic requirements, and this has stimulated them to transform generic into magic.

   Because people are increasingly seeking beauty, elegance, value and comfort for their homes, Louis de Poortere's designers and technicians have created entire collections that are modern and accessible, and designed to bring you the upmost pleasure.

   Because your demands are becoming increasingly specific and your tastes more assured, Louis de Poortere has developed bold concepts that are simple and attractive and will enable you to easily reach ultimate sophistication in your floorcovering.

   At Louis De Poortere you will find rugs, carpets, stair runners and even border rugs, which you could freely mix and match to make your decorating "home sweet home" experience a pleasure.

   We supply and fit the following Louis de Poortere products:


         Textured Wilton Collection

  • Antarctica
  • Birds
  • Color.Net
  • Cordial 100
  • Conqueror
  • Cordal
  • Dune
  • Duo Line
  • Eagle
  • Ibis
  • Island
  • Kiss
  • Move
  • Polaris
  • President
  • Richelieu
  • Sand
  • Solidad
  • Supreme
  • Ultratone
  • Versailles


         Colour House Collection

  • Colour Full
  • Colour Touch
  • Colour Loop
  • Colour Boucle
  • Colour Velour


         Eco Dream Collection

  • Eco Dream Soft
  • Eco Dream Life
  • Eco Dream Comfort


         Stair Programme and Runners

  • Alpha Concept
  • Antarctica
  • Color Full
  • Color Loop
  • Color Touch
  • Conqueror
  • Cordal
  • Color.Net
  • Move
  • Richelieu Classic
  • Richelieu Escalier
  • San Lorenzo
  • Wild



  • Decromatic
  • Stardust
  • Vintage


The Vintage Collection includes the following rug designs: Multi, Heriz, Fedra and Young Urbanite.

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