Polyflor is a manufacturer of vinyl flooring in sheet and tile form. You are very likely to have walked on a Polyflor flooring product in your local shopping centre, hospital, school, nursery or swimming pool. Their products are manufactured at the highest standards possible with slip resistance, bacterial and fungal growth inhibitors and they perform very well in high traffic areas. Recently they have also introduced new luxury vinyl flooring, which is suitable for domestic and commercial installations.

They are meant to mimic wood and stone floors but without the drawbacks of these traditional flooring products.

   We supply and fit all Polyflor products including:


Vinyl Sheet

  • Polysafe Standard
  • Polysafe Vogue Ultra
  • Polysafe Strata
  • Polysafe Mosaic PUR
  • Polysafe Hydro Embossed
  • Polysafe Hydro Evolve
  • Polysafe Wood FX
  • Polysafe Astral - Supratec
  • Polysafe Corona - Supratec
  • Polysafe Standard XL
  • Polyflor XL
  • Polyflor 2000
  • Polyflor Classic Mistique
  • Polyflor Forest FX
  • Acoustifoam
  • Polysafe Wood FX Acoustic
  • Polysafe Ultima
  • Polysafe 3.5
  • Polyflor Prestige
  • Polyflor Gallery FX Acoustic
  • Polyflor Forest FX Acoustic
  • Polyflor SD
  • Polyflor 2000 SD
  • Polyflor Finesse SD
  • Polyflor Finesse EC
  • Polyflor EC
  • Polyflor Pearlazzo PUR
  • Polyflor Sport 67
  • Polyflor Sport 80

Vinyl Tiles

  • Bevel Line PU
  • Kudos Stone
  • Kudos Wood
  • Polyflex Plus PU
  • Polyflor Standard XL
  • Polyflor Standard XL PU
  • Polyflor 2000
  • Polyflor Mystique
  • Polyflor Prestige
  • Polyflor Noppe Stud Tile

Luxury Vinyl

  • Camaro
  • Colonia
  • Kudos
  • Expona
  • Bevel Line

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