Victoria Carpets


   Victoria Carpets Limited was founded in 1895 in the Scottish town of Kirkcaldy.
The company began trading as a small tapestry and printing operation from premises in Victoria Street - hence the distinctive name. The company founders were three enterprising partners - George Anton, Alexander Hamilton and John Johnson - who subsequently looked further afield for the development of the business, eventually deciding on Kidderminster, Britain's premier carpet manufacturing town.

   For over a century, the Victoria Carpets' brand has been synonymous with innovative carpets of the finest quality, whether they are for retail or commercial installation. Victoria Carpets is a successfull and well-established manufacturer, supplier and distributor of design-led carpets, carpet tiles and other floor coverings to the mid to high end markets with operations in the UK, Australia, Ireland and Canada.


   We proudly supply and fit all the Victoria Carpets ranges , including:


  • Super Wyndham
  • Executive Tweed
  • Executive Square
  • Royal Twist
  • Diplomat
  • Estrada
  • Boucle
  • Chenille
  • Sisal Weave
  • Rustic Jewels
  • Natural Coordinates
  • Berber Ridge
  • Berber Stripe
  • Natural Accents
  • Castillion
  • City Living
  • Manhattan Square
  • Imperial Velvet
  • Duchess Elite
  • Suede
  • Tudor Twist
  • Simply Heathers
  • Tudor Manor
  • Regal Twist
  • Crown Twist
  • Gaelic Heathers
  • Celtic Heathers
  • Kelso
  • EasiCare Twist
  • EasiCare Tweed
  • EasiCare Saxony


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