Carpet Pile Types and Properties

Cut pile / Twist


  • These types of carpets are made of tightly twisted yarns, that are stitched into the primary backing of the carpet
  • The finishing touches to the pile are added by shearing the tips of the carpet using a large blade similar to a lawn mower, hence the name of "Cut Pile"
  • This type of carpet is proving to be the most popular type of carpet because of it's resilience and durability
  • They are usually of a low pile construction which reduces shading, pathing and flattening
  • They are made in different qualities: 50/50 wool blend, 80/20 wool blend and 100% man made fibres
  • They offer the widest variety of colours, textures and qualities, with weights varying between 28oz and 70+oz/sq.yd and density of 1/8th  gauge and 1/10th gauge
  • Usually, twist pile carpets are made of a single strand of yarn that is twisted to give it more resilience to flattening. Carpets made of 2 or 3 ply yarn are more durable that one ply yarn due to the fact that multi-ply yarn has more elasticity and bounce.

Berber / Loop Pile


  • These carpets are durable, all purpose use carpets.
  • They are made of a heavier, wider type of yarn than other types of carpet
  • They are extremely easy to clean and are excellent in maintaining their appearance
  • Unlike other carpets, the berber does not show footprints
  • The loops can be of a varying height for a textured finish or can be at equal height to give a more uniformed look
  • They are made of wool, man made fibres or combination of both.
  • Berber loops can be combined with cut piles to create a dramatic, sculptured effect on the carpet 



  • The name of this type of carpet describes exactly how it feels. it has a smooth silky feel with an elegant but quite short and dense pile
  • They are very low maintainance and they add luxury to any room
  • They are ideal for bedrooms due to their luxurious and cosy feel or for formal areas, such as living rooms, if you want to make a statement
  • They perform as good as the twist piles in time because of their relatively short pile.
  • Unlike the twist pile carpets, the velvets are cut several times, to create that luxurious, velvety sheen and smooth appearance
  • They are usually more expensive in relation to other type of carpets due to the high quality materials that go into the manufacturing of these carpets



  • Saxony carpets have longer tufts, softer feel and a more luxurious feel than other types of carpets
  • The saxony carpet is basically a longer cut twist pile which give it a deeper texture and a softer feel
  • They are susceptible to holding footprints
  • They are very popular in bedrooms  for the sensuous feel of their deep pile but they are not recommended for the heavier traffic areas such as halls, stairs and landings or lounge.

Shag pile


  • The shag pile was very popular in the 70's but it is definitely making a comeback
  • The shag pile carpets are made in the same way as the twist piles, only with much longer tufts and made of much thicker yarn
  • The shag piles create a very substantial and warm piece of flooring and they are used mostly in bedrooms

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