Laminate flooring

   Laminate flooring is a less costly alternative to real solid and engineered wood flooring.

   It is constructed from a thin, resin infused paper top layer attached on top of a HDF or MDF sheet. Due to the fact that MDF or HDF is made of wood and it makes up more than 95% of its construction, you could technically call laminate flooring a wood flooring.

   Laminate flooring are a very good simulation of wood because the layer on top is actually a picture of wood.

   The density of the body of the laminate is very important because it gives laminate flooring that strength and wear resistant. Laminate flooring comes in 2 densities: MDF - Medium Density Fibreboard and HDF - High Density Fibreboard. HDF is much harder than MDF, so laminate made of this material will last considerably longer.

  The thickness of the plank is very important for laminate flooring. It comes in thicknesses from 7mm to 12mm. The thicker the laminate sheet, the stronger the plank with the 12mm laminate flooring being the less likely to fail than the 7mm thick one.

   We try to stock only good quality laminate flooring products. We supply the best laminate flooring and accessories for the best possible prices.

   Visit our showroom today or call one of our flooring specialists for a bespoke solution for your flooring requirements.

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