Forbo Flotex


   Forbo Flotex is a unique hybrid product that brings you all the warmth associated with a carpet, while being as cleanable as a hard floor. Flotex is 100% waterproof and hygenic, everyday spills can easily be cleaned up, leaving your Flotex looking like new.
   Flotex can also help contribute to a healthier environment within your home or office. Thanks to its unique construction, which helps to reduce the amount of allergens airborne within your home, Flotex has been awarded the prestigious British Allergy Foundation Seal of Approval. Flotex also boasts an integral anti-microbial treatment called Sanitized that provides constant protection against a wide range of bacteria. Flotex comes with a 20 year wear guarantee which helps to ensure a long and happy product life.

  Ashburn Capets supply and fit the following Forbo Flotex products:


  • Flotex Wood
  • Flotex Stone
  • Flotex Moods
  • Flotex Classic



Flotex Classic Sheet

  • Flotex Artline
  • Flotex Berlin
  • Flotex Calgary
  • Flotex Dakota
  • Flotex Manila
  • Flotex Montana
  • Flotex Metro
  • Flotex Samba
  • Flotex Senia
  • Flotex Vienna

Flotex HD Sheet

  • Flotex Spin
  • Flotex Pulse
  • Flotex Cord
  • Flotex Field
  • Flotex Vector

Flotex HD Made to Order

  • Flotex Grid
  • Flotex Collage
  • Flotex Network
  • Flotex Plaid
  • Flotex Cube
  • Flotex Trace
  • Flotex Circuit
  • Flotex Blossom

Flotex Sotsass

  • Flotex Terrazo
  • Flotex Bacteria
  • Flotex Wool
  • Flotex Kasuri

Flotex Naturals


Flotex Tiles

  • Flotex Calgary
  • Flotex Integrity
  • Flotex Metro
  • Flotex Montana
  • Flotex Oslo
  • Flotex Palma
  • Flotex Penang
  • Flotex Samba
  • Flotex Samoa
  • Flotex Senya
  • Flotex Seoul
  • Flotex Silica
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