Carpet Care and Cleaning


   The appearance retention and durability of carpet is governed by the care and attention it receives during its lifetime. The importance of a regular cleaning and maintenance schedule cannot be over emphasised.

   With a careful selection of colour, design and quality coupled with a positive approach maintenance, your new carpet will live up to your expectations.

   The colour of the carpet, plays a very important role in the amount of cleaning and maintenance a carpet needs.

   Carpets should be given an all over vacuum clean, paying particular attention to the edges,  to remove the air borne dust that settles on all areas. The frequency of vacuuming, will vary depending on local conditions, in general a weekly all over vacuum will be adequate.

   You can keep your carpet looking and performing at it's full capacity by following a these simple maintenance techniques.




   Proper vacuum cleaning is a vital part of any carpet maintenance programme.

The areas that sustain a heavy load of traffic should be thoroughly vacuumed on a daily basis while the areas less trafficked should be vacuumed at least once or twice a week.

   The upright vacuum cleaners with a brushing and beating action should be chosen because they offer better suction and have better cleaning capabilities. Usually berber or loop type carpets should not be cleaned with a beating vacuum because they might damage the carpet.




   In time, it is likely that your new carpet might need a more intensive cleaning. The frequency of such cleans depends on the traffic levels and the efficiency with wich regular maintenance is carried out.

   To remove deeply set soiling, you will need to employ the use of rotary brush carpet cleaner or a spray extraction cleaner, also known as hot water extraction.

   As the name suggests, spray extraction involves spraying hot carpet shampoo under pressure and then extracting the shampoo and dirt from the carpet with a industrial vacuum. This method leaves the carpet wet and it is advised that it is carried out when the house or office is not being used for at least 12 hours, to allow the carpet to dry completely. Special care has to be taken with coloured wooden furniture legs that might transfer colour to the wet carpet. To stop this from happening, we recommend using plastic furniture leg covers or placing aluminium foil under the legs.




   Most of the soil deposited on the carpet is brought in on footwear. You can reduce the amount of dirt that is brought onto the carpet by using entrance mats at all outside entrances  and in areas where hard floors meet carpeted areas.

The entrance mat should be at least two strides in length to be effective and also needs to be kept clean.

   Whilst soil is one of the greatest enemy of carpets, spillages can also be a problem. Spillages have to be dealt with as soon as possible as they can become  serious. Even if a spillage is a clear liquid, it can retain dirt, degrade the fibre or produce odours. Spillages should be tackled as soon as possible with a vacuum followed quickly by cleaning with an appropriate carpet shampoo.




   As a form of interim maintenance, powder cleaning is one of the best methods available. The powder comprises of a carrier, which incorporates a solvent and detergent so that oil and water borne based soils can be absorbed by the powder. The powder is spread on the carpet then worked into the pile using a rotating brush. After it has been worked into the pile, the powder has to be left in place for a period so that the powder can absorb the dirt.

   Powder cleaning leaves the carpet dry, so the carpet does not have to be left to dry and it can be used straight away.

   Powder cleaning is a quick and easy method of keeping the appearance of the carpet.


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