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   Linoleum is a flooring material like no other. It is durable and flexible enough to be used on any type of floor, in any environment. Due to it's remarcable characteristics, linoleum flooring has found a place on a huge variety of floors. From submarines to hospitals to domestic kitchens.  It is made using linseed oil,  natural resin, cork powder, chalk, wood flour and colour pigments. It is one of the few non allergenic floorcoverings.

   Linoleum is non allergenic, naturally anti-microbial and anti-static. Also, all it's components come sustainable from resources. It is safe to say that linoleum is a floorcovering with a very small enironmental impact.  Because the manufacturing process of linoleum flooring has a very small carbon footprint, we regard linoleum flooring as a material that has a firm place in the house and office of the future.

  Since it's invention in 1860 by Frederick Walton, linoleum flooring has been used succesfully in a variety of envinronments. Linoleum flooring stands out from the crowd of floorcoverings due to the fact that it is less costly and easier to make than other flooring materials in it's class. It is being used in hospitals, offices, schools and residential properties.  

   Linoleum flooring is very easy to maintain and it outlasts many other flooring materials. It does not emit any VOC's like vinyl flooring but is equally , if not more durable. 

   Ashburn Carpets supplies and fits all types of linoleum flooring for domestic and commercial projects. Call one of our linoleum flooring specialists for a free, no obligation quote.

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