Georgian Carpets


   Georgian Carpets are a traditional supplier of the highest quality wool to the UK market. The current ranges consist of Twists, Velvets and Berbers, all produced to the highest levels of excellence.

   You will not find any patterned carpets in the Georgian range, the emphasis is purely on Colour and Quality.

   We can supply and fit the following Georgian Carpet ranges:


  • Amington
  • Berber Elite
  • Berber Style
  • Cherwell
  • Crystal Stripes
  • Citadel
  • Georgian Cathedral
  • Georgian Oasis
  • Major Supreme
  • Georgian Maxtock
  • Georgian Tresco
  • Georgial Velvet Plus
  • Greenwich
  • Hathaway Berber
  • Hathaway Naturals
  • Georgian Hathaway
  • Lichfield Berber Loop
  • Manor
  • Stoddard Luxor Twist
  • Stoddard Manhattan
  • Stoddard Composer
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